Living the park

Living the park

The Park

The Yarkon Park stretches across 350 Hectares East from Tel Aviv Port. Bavli Neighbourhood has a line of buildings located directly on little urban forest, mature trees of different varieties, touching the Yarkon river.
Like every buzzing metropolin in the world, from Hyde Park to Central Park, the proximity to a large, green park like The Yarkon is a rare sought-after privilege.
The area is strictly residential meaning there is no crossing traffic, mostly neighborhood residents. This creates a serene “Village” within a pioneering modern metropolis.

The Project

PARK48 is a boutique apartment building designed by the international, award-winning architect, Maoz Price.
The building is designed with a carefully thought-through vision facing the future and equipped with cutting edge systems and infrastructure.
The automated parking lot leading directly into a vast lobby and the meticulous attention to detail in the construction of the apartments puts the project in line with the forefront of luxury construction standards.



The People

Mr. Yehuda Levi

Director and Developer – Mr. Yehuda Levi, a former HSBC CEO, resides in the building while investing heavily in the architecture, landscaping, and common areas. He administers the project with his heart and soul.

Mr. Amir Malkin

Project Manager – Mr. Amir Malkin is a Civil Engineer, owner & CEO of a well-known Project Management of Frim. with over 20 years of experience with complex projects, including preservation and renovation of similar requirements.

Mr. Maoz Price

Architect – Mr. Maoz Price and his team specialize in luxury urban projects with experience from a multitude of similar projects.

The Apartments


Mini Penthouse
Park View

235 sqm, 23 sqm Balcony, 6th floor, 2 Private Parking Spots

4 Room Park
Park View

122 sqm, 9 sqm Balcony, 5th floor, Private Parking Spot

4.5 Room Park
Park View

115 sqm, 9 sqm Balcony, 5th floor, Private Parking Spot

5 Room Stunning Tel-Aviv
South View

129.5 sqm, 13.6sqm Balcony, 5th floor, Private Parking Spot

2 Rooms Garden Apartment
Facing South

65 sqm + 6 sqm Garden


  • Luxurious yet intimate 7-story building with 21 apartments
  • Large main entrance lobby in contemporary architectural design
  • High quality and quiet Machine-Room-Less (MRL) Elevator for 5 passengers with Automatic Dialer Intercom
  •  Floor Lobby – 80/80 cm stone or granite porcelain flooring
  •  Private parking for each apartment in an automatic underground car park, with a door leading directly to the lobby of the building
  •  Spacious bicycle/cart room
  •  Camera intercom system and CCTV
  •  Sun terrace for every apartment
  •  Living room and Bedroom porcelain granite 100/100 or 120/60 cm of “Modi” / “Via Arcadia” flooring
  •  Option for three-layer parquet in bedrooms
  •  Upscale interior doors (218 cm high according to ceiling constraints)
  •  Decorated Security Doors in all apartments
  •  Luxury kitchen – Voucher for ‘ARITAL’ kitchen worth NIS 50,000
  •  Caesar Stone work surfaces
  •  GECCI removable kitchen faucet
  •  GECCI luxury taps, 3 way / 4 way interfaces
  •  150/160 / 170-70 acrylic bath
  •  Wall-hung/mounted concealed toilets / with concealed cisterns
  •  Bathroom cabinets with an integral sink 60 to 120 cm wide
  •  A wide variety of and sizes bathroom walls from 20/60 to 30/90
  •  150 liters solar water heater


Electrical Power

  • Three-phase 3×25 or 3×40 electrical system in accordance with the size regulation determined by a certified electrical engineer
  •  Gewiss / Bticino switches and outlets
  •  Infrastructure (piping) for home theater system: 5 speakers + subwoofer preparation
  •  Color TV intercom in each apartment


Air conditioning

  • VRF air conditioning system, including a hidden unit with a stripline in a living room
  •  Drywell reductions includes Orbond or SHA service openings
  • Window glazing – triple layer or insulation

Specifications are for marketing purpose only. Detailed specs according to apartment sale law and regulation will be agreed & granted.

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